About me

Who am I?
friends and colleagues define me as a cheerful, determined, optimistic lad living the French life for the better part of 13 years.

What do I want?
Being an illustrator since before I can remember, I have always had an interest in visual design. Since joining Iscom in 2014 I’ve a new found passion for advertising. The act of translating briefs into ideas and then again into impacting visuals has given me a way of expressing myself as well as a path to follow.




Bringing an authentic touch to concepts through rough illustrations and storyboards

Art Director

Transforming original concepts into impactful visuals, knowing the importance of colours and fonts to bring ideas to life


Though insights and design thinking find the correct strategy to satisfy clients needs





What I can do with a pen and paper, start with some generic exercices and work towards my unique universe.

Digital painting

From a pencil to a pad, lead to colour. Digital painting gives a whole new dimension to illustration


Rough / Storyboard

During my time with PassagePieton I was asked to draw a number of storyboards and roughs for clients. Check out the results !


Loving beer, I was asked to come up with a design for a modern beer with high quality adapted towards a younger market. This particular beer is a cliché on each country to which it was brewed.




Heinz launched their all American mustard in France. Our job promote the launch in a country dominated by a number of French names. Being an all American mustard our objective was to bring clients to America with our campaign. The idea : Take iconic movie scenes and recreate them with famous French Youtubers. The twist, each scene would be shot 3 times, spicy, sweet and classic


Otterbox, the American leader in protective casing wants to extend its visibility to Europe. Our job, establish Otterbox as a street style fashionable brand aimed at a younger market. Mixing Street-art and phone cases, we created an event where a famous street artist painted an enormous fresco on a wall made of phone cases called Symmetrystreet.

Iscom x Chatons d’or

Brief : In 4 days devise a concept in order to promote ISCOM’s new creative section during the chaton d’or festival (Golden kittens), a festival dedicated to the most creative young advertisers. Concept : You don’t recruit a creative mind you adopt them.


Vietnam Insolite Voyage

A Vietnamese travel agency based in Hanoi was in serious need of an upgrade to their site, in order to compete with its rivals. After 2 months of back and forth, here is the final mock-up. 


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